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Explore the websites of OTHER ILLUSTRATORS AND MURALISTS whom I've worked with and been inspired by;

Peter Day - Public Artist and Muralist, Sydney, Australia

Rowan Dodds - Illustrator, Adelaide, Australia

Marcus Cremonese - Medical illustrator, Sydney, Australia

Levente Efe - Medical Illustrator, Melbourne, Australia

Ian Faulkner - Medical Illustrator, Sydney, Australia

Rodney Monk - Public Artist and Muralist, Sydney, Australia


These PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS support high quality art and illustration, and showcase the work of artists and illustrators world-wide;


Australian Graphic Design Association

Australian Institute of Medical and Biological Illustration

Association of Medical Illustrators (USA)

Illustrators Australia

Institute of Medical Illustrators (UK)

National Association for the Visual Arts (Australia)


Scientific / Medical Images & Resources

SCIENTIFIC IMAGE DATABASES provide a wealth of wonderful images, which may also provide you with further inspiration;

Analytical Scientific, Ltd

- Scientific charts, models, books, and equipment.


Centre for Bioscience

- Image bank.


Eye of Science

- Microcosmic scientific photography.

GE Imaging Technologies

- Functional MRI, CTscan and other technologies used for medical imaging.

Gray, Henry

- Illustrations from his classic text "Anatomy of the Human Body" 1918.


Health Career / Freelance Worker

- Articles about working and marketing yourself as a medical or freelance illustrator or graphic designer.


- Medical images database.


MedBioWorld       > Links Database > Resources Links > Databases, Images Links

- Links to journals, associations and databases.


National Library of Medicine   - History of Medicine


National Library of Medicine   - Visible Human Project


Public Health Image Library

- Photos, illustrations, videos.



- Image bank of scientific illustrators.


Science Photo Library

- Stock scientific photographs.

- Trauma Images.

Vesalius - Surgical education


Vesalius - Historical Anatomical Illustrations

- Annotated translation of the 1543 and 1555 editions of Andreas Vesalius' classic text "De Humani Corporis Fabrica".


Wellcome Trust - Medical Photographic Library


Whole Brain Atlas

- Normal and pathological brain images.