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Medical Illustration
- Observation, Accuracy, Research, Draughtsmanship, Detail, Clarity
Vision, Communication, Connection.

Article published in "In Motion", the professional magazine of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, September 2012, on my combination of physiotherapy and art in the form of medical illustration (click on article to read):

In the following paragraphs on this page allow me to guide you through the contents of my website.  I hope that the site will provide you with inspiration and useful information about my skills and  services.

        "Thought" - Life Drawing

The GALLERY is where you will find a comprehensive visual sampling of my WATERCOLOUR PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS, INSTALLATIONS, TEXTILES, PHOTOGRAPHIC and SCULPTURAL WORKS. Many of these art pieces were prepared for assessment towards my Bachelor of Fine Arts.  I completed this degree in 2006, at the College of Fine Arts (CoFA, which is a Faculty of the University of New South Wales) whilst continuing to work part-time as a physiotherapist.  By perusing this website, you will probably be able to see how my health science & visual arts careers have influenced each other.  The GALLERY  also displays images of some of my COMMISSIONED AND PUBLISHED MEDICAL ILLUSTRATIONS.  Additionally you can find examples of my illustration and public art in my ILLUSTRATORS AUSTRALIA PORTFOLIO.



While the Gallery provides a comprehensive visual sampling of my work with brief descriptions of the images displayed there, you may also wish to LEARN IN MORE DETAIL ABOUT THE FOUNDATIONS AND INSPIRATIONS FOR MY WORK.  If so, go to my BIOGRAPHY and CURRICULUM VITAE pages.


For your interest, I have compiled information about FUTURE, CURRENT and PAST EVENTS, such as EXHIBITIONS that I have participated in, and COLLABORATIONS, CONFERENCES and EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES that pertain to the areas of medical and children's illustration, science and art.



In addition, information about the HISTORY AND CURRENT PRACTICE OF MEDICAL ILLUSTRATION can be found on the RESOURCES page.  These presentations, lecture notes and handouts were prepared for my BFA assessments, and they provide valuable contextual information about this fascinating and complex field of medical visual communication, from ancient times to present digital applications.



On the LINKS page, feel free to roam off to the websites of OTHER ILLUSTRATORS AND MURALISTS whom I've worked with and been inspired by.  The links to the PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS which support high quality illustration and showcase the work of illustrators world-wide, and the SCIENTIFIC IMAGE DATABASES, also provide a wealth of wonderful images, which may provide you with further inspiration.


Feel free to send this information to anyone else who you think may be interested, and I hope you find the inspiration, ideas, and images that you are searching for.  


Best Regards,


Detail from "Skull within the Golden Mean"